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Operation programme:

The Operational Programme Just Transition (OPJT)
Project name:

TPA – Innovation Centre for Transforming Education
Registration number of project:

Term of project implementation:

09/2022 – 12/2027

Sustainability 1/2028 – 12/2037

TPA – Innovation Centre for Transforming Education | Moravian-Silesia Region| (

The aim of the project is to increase the employability of graduates on the labour market and to support their ability to respond flexibly to dynamically evolving conditions and employer’s needs. The intention is to ensure that graduates leave their studies equipped with relevant professional knowledge, soft skills and language competences. This objective can only be achieved by improving the quality and attractiveness of educational materials, developing and supporting entrepreneurship (e.g. start-ups), linking the school system with innovation leaders in the region and building technical facilities for these activities.

info URL: TPA – Innovation Centre for Transforming Education | Moravian-Silesia Region | (

Main role of the MTA

Moravian-Silesian Technological Academy (MTA)

The MTA’s task is to transform secondary vocational education by creating innovative educational programmes (EduBoxes). These learning materials will be developed and used as a tool to raise the level of teaching of vocational subjects in secondary schools and to facilitate the preparation of teachers so that they can more easily respond to the increasing demands and requirements of employers in the context of constantly modernizing technologies. The inclusion of soft skills, with an emphasis on flexibility and a willingness for lifelong learning, will also be an integral part.

Other project partners

Moravian-Silesian Region (MSK)

The Moravian-Silesian Region, which is one of the founders of MTA, z.s. and at the same time the bearer and recipient of the subsidy. The Moravian-Silesian Region is the largest provider of secondary education in the region (founder of 90 secondary schools) and the guarantor of the financing of the entire project, including the activities of the partners involved. The content is provided by the project partners, organisations linked to the MSK.

Regional facility for further education of teaching staff and information center, Nový Jičín, contribution organization (KVIC)

KVIC enters the project as a guarantor of innovation in the education of primary and secondary school teachers and their transformation into learning organisations. Within the project, activities focused on education will be implemented. These include training in the field of professional knowledge, foreign languages – primarily professional English, digital technologies and a set of soft skills with an emphasis on flexibility, working with change and learning.

The 10 selected high schools

These schools will participate in the development of EduBoxes, represent their expertise and help dissemination to other schools in the region. At the same time, Collaborative Learning Spaces (CLS) will be built at the partner schools to contribute to the roll-out of EduBoxes and encourage entrepreneurship among pupils. As part of entrepreneurship, most of the partner schools will be involved in a school business activity.

Total project expenditure

  • 44 185 000 €
  • of which EU subsidies 37 333 000 €

The project receives financial support from the European Union – Operational Programme Just Transformation.