02. 01. 2024

Lectures about business 2

DSC00407 | Lectures about business 2

Workshop on entrepreneurship – Michaela Pawerová

On 31.1.2024, within the framework of the TPA project – Innovation Centre for Transformation of Education – CZ.10.03.01/00/22_003/0000072, a workshop was held at the backbone school of the School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics in Ostrava.

The WS was focused on the development of student’s entrepreneurship in the area of cooperation, which is a key component of success in both the working and business spheres. Accent was also placed on the willingness and interest to work in a group towards a common goal.

Another topic was “Customer and customer needs”, i.e. customer orientation, what the customer needs and expects. This topic was supported by a separate task in the groups focusing on pro-customer attitude and customer orientation.

Finally, tests of interest and personality typology were conducted according to J.L. Holland’s RIASEC. The RIASEC is a special psychological method that is mainly used for personality tests and tests that influence career choice. This concept is very popular and offers students a practical insight into professions and work environments that match their interests and premises. The results of the testing also show a clear assumption and focus on the sphere of entrepreneurship and the possible choice of self-employment as their life mission and profession. This workshop is a precursor to a follow-up marketing module and then a case study focusing on the conception of the Business Plan and economic calculations.

An integral part of the workshop was also a visit to the School Company, a presentation of the concept of the “Advertising company for promotional items” and a demonstration of the purchased machinery and equipment that will be used to produce promotional materials and items.