23. 01. 2024

Validation Camp II.

20240123 100855 | Validation Camp II.

Within the project TPA – Innovation Centre for Transformation of Education – CZ.10.03.01/00/22_003/0000072, Validation Camp II took place on 23.1. During the morning program of the camp, 9 projects from different business areas were presented: marketing, healthcare, data networking, design office, advertising workshop, plastic injection molding, financial literacy development, agriculture and board game development within the IT industry).

Throughout the day there were team presentations of projects and an ongoing assessment of what progress has been made since the last camp.

The students benefited from an accompanying programme with the help of expert tutors, where students created their own validation strategy for a future customer.

Emphasis was also placed on the presentation of the project itself, the so-called Pitch Bootcamp. It was pointed out the positives and shortcomings that can arise during the presentation. An essential part of the theoretical preparation was also the “Communication Map”, in which students were asked to think about what makes their project unique, to evaluate the validation and also the potential of the project.

In the follow-up session, students created a two-minute presentation on which they were given feedback and at the end of the camp all presentations were given with a final evaluation by the committee.

We congratulate the winners and wish them every success in the implementation of their projects.