28. 02. 2024

Lectures about business 3

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During February, under the guidance of Ms. Sara Macková, an engaging lecture on the topic of entrepreneurship took place. The student and entrepreneur rents apartments in Albania and is starting a new business venture – Glamping.

In the course of the story, a fruitful debate arose regarding the financial aspect of the project, the obstacles due to seasonal renting and the origin of the idea of “Glamping” at Slezská Harta. The speaker gave the students an insight into her journey from the initial idea that brought her to her dream destination of Glamping at Silesian Harte.

The second part of the workshop was about building business plans using Lego kits, where students were divided into 5 groups. The basis of communication in the groups was the outline from the “Elevator pitch” where students had to answer 4 basic questions:

What product/service/idea do I offer?

To whom? Who will be the main consumer of this product/service/idea

How? How will I sell it?

Why? Why should the customer buy it?

These questions gradually guided the students to their business plans and the creation of a project which they visually presented using Lego building blocks. Each group then presented their business plan and finally the students voted on the best project.

Thank you for a fresh WS full of ideas and congratulations to the winner with the Garden Hat project.

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