14. 03. 2024

Lectures about business 5

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Vašek Hradil – “To Turkey on Pioneer”

“Fortune favours the bold” – this is what could be called the journey of young Vašek Hradil, who set as his bold goal to ride his motorcycle on a 17-day trip along the Krnov – Turkey route.

On his adventurous journey he crossed 11 countries, covered a distance of 7000 km and finally reached his dream destination – Turkey.

He owed his skill to the fact that he managed all the modifications at the Pioneer (in the back of the school workshop) by himself and for this reason the whole trip could be low-cost.

During the journey he had to face many challenges, minor and major breakdowns or also exhaustion and loneliness. Meeting friendly people who were willing to help him was a valuable experience for him.

Vašek is determined for another adventurous journey and that will be an expedition to Norway 🙂


6402 km
17 days
178l of petrol
5,4l of oil
Average consumption: 2,8l/100km
Maximum mileage per day 501km
Average mileage per day 376km
Average speed 45km/h
141 h in the saddle
lost 2kg 🙂

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