26. 04. 2024

Lectures about business 6

IMG 6920 | Lectures about business 6

As part of the TPA – Innovation Centre for Transformation of Education CZ.10.03.01/00/22_003/0000072 project, pupils of our backbone school had the opportunity to get a glimpse into the world of extreme sports and entrepreneurship thanks to an inspiring lecture with Martin Kolomy, a successful entrepreneur and racer known from the Dakar Rally. Martin shared with our pupils his personal story and the path to his passion.

During his presentation, Martin Kolomý recounted how he got into the Dakar Rally and the challenges it brought with it. He stressed the importance of maintaining physical fitness and psychological hygiene in the extreme conditions of such races. His experience of training on the polygon in Kopřivnice showed that preparation for such demanding competitions requires not only skills behind the wheel, but also careful attention to physical and mental well-being.

Martin also focused on the organisation of the races and the logistics behind them. He shared with our students interesting facts about transporting vehicles, investing in the sport and the difficulty of getting sponsors these days.

During the discussion with the pupils, Martin readily joined in with questions and shared his experiences of success and failure. Today, Martin is involved in various areas of business including running a car dealership, MOT testing and property investment.

Overall, meeting Martin Kolomý was not only inspiring, but also provided the students with valuable insights into courage, entrepreneurship and perseverance in pursuit of their goals.

Irena Kutláková, coordinator of entrepreneurial activities