08. 03. 2024

Lectures about business 4

20240222 093228 kopie | Lectures about business 4

Within the project TPA – Innovation Centre for Transformation of Education – CZ.10.03.01/00/22_003/0000072 in cooperation with SPŠ and OA Bruntál workshops on business English were held under the guidance of Radim Kirschner, who teaches on the basis of the iDemo workshop of COLLEGIO s.r.o.

The first WS focused on planning for the future from the perspective of an employee, entrepreneur, investor or business owner. The ongoing discussion was about identifying what challenges and opportunities this process entails and how it affects each of these roles.

The second part of the lecture was designed to provide new insights to the students to help them in their professional growth.

Overall design:

Introduction to Project Thinking / How to Start a Business

Session 1: EBSI Quadrants

Lesson 2: Introduction to Design Thinking

Lesson 3: Designing my own Project

Lesson 4: Problem Solving Structure

Lesson 5: Recapitulation

The whole concept of the class is based on the principle of inspirational education within Collegio, which encourages curiosity and collaboration. The aim is to build a link between formal education and succeeding in the world of practice.